Chrissy Grigoropoulos

Founding Partner

Chrissy Grigoropoulos, Esq. is the founding attorney of The Grigoropoulos Law Group, PLLC, a Personal Injury/Workers’ Compensation, No-Fault Recovery, Criminal defense firm and a Full-Service per diem firm, providing coverage for other New York law firms needing attorney coverage.

Francois Annabi

Criminal Defense & Civil Rights Attorney

Attorney Annabi is a regular presence, litigating in all 5 boroughs and Westchester County. Mr. Annabi focuses his law practice advocating for Clients facing Criminal charges, victoms of Civil Rights violations as well as general tort litigation.

Aisha Makhdoom

Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation Attorney

Aisha Makhdoom, Esq., an Associate Attorney at The Grigoropoulos Law Group PLLC. Attorney Makhdoom’s dilligence makes her an asset to the firm; handling a caseload comprised of Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, No-Fault Arbitrations…


Clarence Gray, is an associate attorney at The Grigoropoulos Law Group, PLLC. Attorney Gray is a well-rounded attorney who takes pride in his attention to detail and knack of investigating to ensure all of our clients are protected and put in the best position…

Madalene Sabino

Madalene Sabino is a well-rounded personal injury trial attorney. She takes pride in her attention to detail and knack of investigating to ensure all injured clients are in the best position to litigate and take their injury case to trial if necessary!